Project IWB First Training Event on Intercultural Understanding and Management of Diversities

iwb satu mare

The first Integration Without Borders (IWB) training session took place in Romania from May 15-19,, 2015

The Setting. A month after the European Council held a special meeting on migration, the Erasmus+ Project “Integration without Borders” partners had their hands full in first Training Event on the topics on Intercultural Understanding and Management of Diversities that took place in Romania the 15th to the 19th of May and hosted by Caritas, Satu Mare. Two days before the training, the European Commission announced its new Agenda on Migration. It is also significant to note that the five days training coincided with the Third World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, the 18th-19th May, in Baku. The participants came from eight countries – Moldova,  Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and Italy. The intercultural perspectives of the Work Groups contributed to the rich sharing of different experiences and views on good practices concerning the work with minorities, migrants and vulnerable groups. The 20th to the 21st of May, Project Coordinators were engaged in the 2nd Transnational Meeting to assess the training and to plan the next steps. Particularly, the coordinators had the pleasure of getting to know more of each other and in sharing the task. To top it all, in the morning of the 22nd, a day after the celebration of the World day for Diversity and Development, IWB and the recently convened training was presented to the public in a Press Conference.

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Feedback from  participants:

Participants expressed their satisfaction and enthusiasm in different ways.  The follow comment summarizes most of the feedback received:

"I realized that a real and effective intercultural understanding can pave the way where differences among cultures do not become barriers but instead bridges between peoples. The experience which impressed me most during the training in Satu Mare was working with people from countries and cultures I never had the chance to get in touch with. Together we developed an atmosphere of mutual respect and mutual discovery."

Moving forward. As the European Commission makes progress on the Agenda on Migration and is launching a Public consultation on the "EU Blue Card",  IWB Project is getting ready for the 2016 2nd Training Event in Madrid which will be hosted by NGO Educacion, Cultura y Solidaridad. The challenge ahead is how to forge societies, in a new and innovative approach to understand, respect and value diversity - attitudes indispensable for an effective shared well-being among Europeans, minorities and migrants alike.

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