International Migrant Day 2015

I am a Migrant

Imagine (but really imagine it!) that the city in which you’re living – for example Rome, Naples, Milan or Florence - is under siege by unscrupulous fundamentalist forces (if you have grandparents, you could learn from them what it means to live in times of war).

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New Venture in the Global Training Grant Programme

DSC 1730

Four grantees - from the “Consortium University of Deusto-Mondragon University” Global Training Program participated as EDIW trainees in the General Orientation organised by EDIW in Rome, Italy on the 28th to the 29th of November. EDIW partners with the Teresian Association and SEAMEO-Innotech in launching this new venture by providing placements for the young workers in the programme. Dr. Emma Melgarejo of the General Council of the Teresian Association presented the mission, guiding principles and projects of the organisation in the different parts of the world with a special focus on the projects in the Philippines for our Manila-bound trainees.

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Treasure Hunt in Padua, Italy


From a tower made of spaghetti to a medieval merchandise exchange in a public square, going through an Italian masterchef, a tour in Venice, or a theatre of dancing elephants, are few of the adventures lived by the group of 36 university students -15 of them representing EDIW (Education for an Interdependent World)- in the Summer Course of the DARE+ project, supported by Action 2 -Strategic Partnership initiative of the Erasmus+ programme.

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Strengthening our wings, intertwining our roots

RW Group1

“I am knackered but it was worth it” -says Pablo, 25, who was at the same time logistic coordinator, animator and interpreter- “this seminar proved to me that young people are ready to face the challenges of such an intercultural society as ours.” From the 8th to the 13th of July 2015, about 40 young professionals and students met in Madrid for a five-day seminar addressing our understanding of who we are, where we come from, and how we engage in shaping the world we live in. Participants came from a myriad of places, from European countries to India or the Philippines.

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