To develop international projects, programmes and experiences of formal and non-formal education as steps to grow into compassionate, informed and participatory global citizens, respectful, creative and responsible for this world.


At EDIW we believe that:

  • Education is a strong power to transform persons and societies.
  • Societies need to grow both in rights and in joint responsibilities.
  • Humanity is interconnected and interrelated but it needs to build interdependent, collaborative and life-giving relationships.
  • Shared vision and commitment of young generations are essential in building both the present and the future.


  • Integrity in one´s commitment to the promotion of human dignity and to democratic and ethical values.
  • Collaboration, empowerment of others and openness to learn.
  • Inclusive and intercultural attitudes/approach
  • Critical and creative spirit.

We are a network of international


  • That values each person as a gift and helps them to enhance their capabilities, strengths, competencies, desire to learn together and grow guided by shared goals and convictions.
  • Passionate about understanding the world with and through the younger generation, open to cooperate with other organizations that share its vision and belief in the power of people to transform society.
  • Capable of dreaming, but also of analyzing reality, designing and implementing projects as instruments to advance towards these dreams, relying on the richness of the diversity of cultures, professions, generations and points of view.