Archi.Medes Working Group in Italy

Project Archi.medes Work Group – Italy met for the first time in Rome from February 28-March 1. After the introduction of participants coming from different age groups and cultural backgrounds, a presentation of EDIW and its place within the Tuning Project and the presentation of the project itself followed.

Different current scenarios affecting the profession with the academic and legislative structures regulating the architectural degree and practice in Italy and in Spain started the discussion. For the purpose of the project, it was deemed necessary to get feedback on what architects should be. These profiles would be drawn from the input given by the academe and completed with the contributions from different social groups.

The Work Group will identify any other field they consider relevant besides the ones discussed in the meeting and think of persons whose feedback may be of interest for the purpose of the project.

Finding the best model to get the professional preparation and practice embedded into the very heart of the university curriculum involving public institutions and private companies working together to offer the students practice in the field with real responsibilities where guidance and monitoring would be provided. In this way, the community will get a direct return from young architects in architectural services such as architectural conservation and restoration, urban planning and regeneration or landscape architecture.

A PowerPoint presentation on the challenges of cities provoked a reflective sharing on the privileged opportunity of architecture to effect a transforming incidence in the cities.

From the above, another issue emerged: Which is the best model concerning social housing and collective architecture? Is architecture a commodity or a piece of art? Is it a timeless provoking memory, a sense of one’s own place and community?

In mapping the state of the art, EDIW will take a lead in introducing the interdisciplinary element in the project, a highly relevant factor and an added value within the scope of the profession.

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