Developing All Round Education. It has been prepared by EDIW and is coordinated by the University of Granada. Universities that have Residence Hall are in a consortium. These are the following: University of Padua (Italy), the University of Uppsala (Sweden) and the University of Dublin – Trinity College (Ireland). EDIW is involved with a number of Residence Halls and Colegios Mayores as partners in Europe. Deusto and Groningen University (Netherlands) are involved in the Tuning project (for competency-based learning). Also a group of Universities from Coimbra have joined the project.

The proposal consists, first, in conducting a reflection at the European level on the meaning and social contribution of this type of university structures at present. Secondly, it is about developing competencies, not only in the classroom but also in other university settings, especially in the context of Residence halls. These are to help develop a profile of students to know better how to communicate and how to understand other cultures and ways of thinking, how to mediate in conflicts, know how to work and lead a collaborative leadership, being sensitive to the social problems and be able to contribute to their solution with a skill to develop projects. These tasks will be officially recognized in those Residence halls involved in the process. For those people who will carry out the program there will be an intensive training program.

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