Donate a tablet or a laptop to make real equality of opportunities in digital education

Una campaña de EDIW Barcelona y la Fundación Privada ViaraA campaign launched by EDIW Barcelona and the Viarany Private Foundation

90% of the Spanish population has access to technological devices and the Internet (Pew Research Center, 2020), but what about the remaining 10%? The socio-economic level of households determines access to information since the 31,5% of households with an income below 900€ (974 US$) do not have access to the Internet (UGT). Therefore, the digital divide is nothing new, but rather a structural and systemic inequality in Spain, that as a result of COVID-19 has become more visible.

While the world has adapted to the reality of telework and schools have opted for telematic education, only in the region of Catalonia, 52.000 families do not have the technological means to guarantee an education of equal opportunities for their minors. Faced to this reality, the young people of EDIW Barcelona, driven by the desire to transform society from our citizen engagement and under the framework of the Youth-ACT project, have started to dream, plan and work to close this digital divide.rar la brecha.

Hand in hand with the Viarany Private Foundation, an entity of the Teresian Institution in Catalonia for the socio-educational and cultural inclusion of children and adolescents, EDIW Barcelona has designed the “#Donaunatabletounpc” campaign (#Donateatabletoralaptop). The initial idea is to send tablets and/or laptops to each of the Foundation’s students who do not have adequate means to continue with their schooling in equal opportunities. Moreover, the campaign aims at the awareness-raising and engagement on technological inequality and its implication in education.

To this effect, the initiative has been planed in two work blocs. On the one hand, the development of a communication strategy which covers the definition of the audience, the selection of channels and socials networks of diffusion and the creation of the audiovisual material to be shared on them. On the other hand, the organization of the campaign logistics, that is to say, the channels to gather the donations, the treatment of the received material and its delivery to the students, taking into account the context of confinement, the measures of the Government and the recommendations of the Public Health Authorities. Working on all this at a time, in just two weeks from the campaign’s launch, more than 50 donations have been collected, there have been several appearances in newspapers, magazines and radio programs.

If you are concerned about the digital divide, inequalities on network access and online education…be part of the campaign! Do not miss the publications on social media and collaborate to spread them!

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