EDIW supports Indigenous Peoples Academy Josefa Segovia

February 22nd, 2020, the Indigenous Peoples Academy- Josefa Segovia was launched with the backing of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP-XI), Indigenous Peoples Apostolate of Archdiocese of Davao, Barangay Local Government Units, Teresian Association-Philippines, InteRED Foundation, and Maureen Guilday Scholarship Fund. The Academy is an initiative and one of the activities of the Josefa Segovia Foundation to further develop the indigenous talents and promote the creative arts of the indigenous cultural communities in Davao, Philippines.  EDIW is one of its supporters. Many of the youth in the Academy were members of the Youth for Dialogue (Y4D), a capacity-building project for the youth coordinated by EDIW selected among the Erasmus + grants co-funded by the European Commission.

Following the nonformal education methodologies, a systematic leadership training for the IP youth was given on competences of dialogue to foster inclusive participation among the unique and diverse groups present in Davao.

Aired throughout the Philippines by public television are videos produced by the academy of IP music, dances, arts, life, and spirituality.

Four participants from the Erasmus project Y4D are now core leaders and ethno-artists of the IP Academy.

Joes Estopil, Fundación Josefa Segovia

Some dances from the IP Academy Josefa Segovia:

 Mixes dances

Spiritual Redemption

Joes Estopil, Josefa Segovia Foundation 

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