en La AlhambraEDIW facilitates experiences of educational exchange for young people who will be able to create a significant impact in their respective countries upon their return. A pilot project has been created, with the participation of young persons from nine countries. Universities both in Europe and other regions are currently engaged in this project.

Professional Internships

EDIW collaborates with various universities to enable the exchange of students in their senior year. Students will undertake professional internships in international organisations, assotiations, businesses, and other agencies in their respective fields of specialization to develop their professional and human capacities. Experiences of this kind are now taking place in NGOs and businesses in India.

Voluntary Service

EDIW works with a number of associations and NGOs in different countries in Africa, America, Asia and Europe on projects of human and community development; women empowerment; formal, non-formal and Special Education; environment; civic engagement and healthcare, offering young people an experience of volunteer work in their own country and abroad.  These programs aim at equip young people with new skills, learn about other cultures, become more tolerant, and open new horizons.

Escuela ProyectosSeminars on the development of International Projects

A group of students, many of whom are doctoral candidates from various universities, convene regularly to learn how to write and to design projects. Motivated by a strong desire to transform society they meet to look for a methodology to make their vision of society a reality. They gather virtually or otherwise to discuss their findings and their experiences and different steps of project writing and its implementation. Some of these students have attended international conferences and have presented joint papers which have been published.

Social Innovation

s1SARPI (Society for the Advancement of the Rural People of India) sponsors The Kurta Project in Honavar, India. The Kurta Project promotes the formation and education of economically disadvantaged women. It also empowers them to develop their skills and increase their employability, helps them to be economically self-sufficient, and become agents of social change in their villages. 

SARPI is involved in initiatives of community mobilization and Self-Help Groups for Women in 24 villages in Honavar. It runs a kindergarten program, the Poveda Special School, a library open for the public as well as a mobile library serving 15 schools in the surrounding villages of Honavar.

Building bridgesIntercultural Project "Building Bridges"

This is a pilot program with students from seven countries and three continents.  This project will help students pursue their Masters and PhDs with funds from the European Union. "Building bridges" also includes formation on intercultural dialogue and various capacity building activities for young people.

Agreements with  Universities

The EDIW team has visited several European universities, such as Valladolid, Oviedo, León, and Deusto in Spain; and Milan and Perugia in Italy. Agreements have been made to study the possibilities of collaboration and exchange in the areas of coursework, professional interniships, and voluntary work. This process continues to achieve a wide network of universities to collaborate on research and international projects.

Nine universities in the Philippines and a Regional Center for Education and Technology, under the Ministries of Education of Southeast Asia (SEAMEO Innotech) have agreed to collaborate with EDIW on student exchanges, academic volunteering and on international research and education projects. Staff members who work at these universities participated in the meetings and in the identification of agreements at the following: Ateneo in Davao and the University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao, University of San Carlos in Cebu, University of San Agustin and State College of Fisheries in Iloilo.

In Manila agreements were made with the University of Santo Tomas, Ateneo of Manila University, De La Salle University, and the State University of the Philippines Manila.  In the Philippines there is one more university that will complete the network of collaborating and partner universities. Other Asian universities that will sign agreements with EDIW: are:  universities in India, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and Israel. The network will be completed by a number of European universities, as well as from Latin and North America, and Africa.