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Education for an Interdependent World (EDIW) is an international network of communities of learning of young people and professionals, committed to contribute to building an interdependent, inclusive, humane and sustainable world


Our Mission

To do this, we develop international projects, programs, and experiences of formal and non-formal education as concrete steps for jointly growing into compassionate, informed, and participatory global citizens, respectful, creative, and responsible for this world, our common home.


Our vision:

We believe that: 

  • education is a strong power to transform the person and the societies 
  • societies need to grow in human rights as well as in joint responsibility for our human duties
  • everything in humanity is connected and interrelated nonetheless efforts are needed to build interdependent, collaborative, and life-giving relationships.
  • building the present and the future requires the shared vision and commitment of the young generations

For this reason, EDIW creates networks and empowerment structures for young professionals, students, and other young people to further develop their capacities and the responsibility to imagine, create and develop projects and actions that promote justice and human rights in a multicultural society.



Integrity in the commitment for democratic and ethical values, capacity and responsibility for collaboration and empowering others, promotion of human dignity, intercultural, critical and creative spirit, inclusion, generosity, and desire to learn

We are a Network of international communities:

  • which value each person as a gift and try to develop her capacities, strengths, competencies, aims, desires for joint learning and growth guided by shared objectives and convictions
  • passionate to understand the world through and with the young generations open to cooperate with other organizations which share their vision and the belief in the power of people to transform society
  • able to dream, but also to analyze reality, design, and implements projects as instruments to move towards these dreams counting on the richness of the diversity of cultures, professions, generations, and points of view.


EDIW International Projects seek:


  • To support and collaborate in the networking formed by universities and research centers towards the promotion of initiatives and projects aiming at the advancement of internationalization and promotion of higher education in the different disciplines.
  • To invite professionals to form communities of learning and interest, support younger generations, and act on issues that are affecting the world through projects and advocacies aimed at the societal transformation. 
  • To provide mentorship especially for students starting university or vocational training and those entering the world of work.
  • To conduct seminars, workshops, experiences of immersion that will provide young people venues for formation in service, entrepreneurial leadership, and intercultural exposure.
  • To provide a platform for the young people to explore and experience individually and as a group the complementary roles of reflection, action, and contrast
  • To gather young people from diverse cultures and regions of the world in networks of different interests and provide the youth formation specifically on competencies that can equip them to be leaders and agents of change in creating an interdependent inclusive world. 


Most EDIW projects are done in collaboration with universities and international or local organizations and are supported by public or private entities and many of them by the European Commission.


Roots DARE Integration
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Existing learning communities cover fields of:

  • Education and psychology (Project FORTH EU- Philippines -Formation of teachers for challenged areas - Project ACE EU-Latin America- Student-Centered Learning and Quality HE, etc.)
  • Green Architecture (Project Archimedes- Southern Europe on new profiles for Architects- Now developing the new tendencies and green architecture)
  • International Relations, Law and Communications (Project Bridging the Gap- Europe Post 2020 and its collaboration in a changing world)
  • Social work, Youth work, and Policies (Project Integration without Borders- New developments of social workers in European countries in particular in reference to migrants and minorities)
  • Health, Engineering, Business, and Entrepreneurship (Projects Comparing Learning- CALOHE in relation with these fields. 


Lines of Action

EDIW supports the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and will continue to work and advocate the promotion and defense of human rights, especially for the marginalized members of our society through these lines of action.

Youth Employment

  • Mentorship for students entering university or vocational training.
  • Venues and platforms- face to face and online seminars to develop comprehensive understanding, skills, and wider competencies specifically in: teamwork and leadership; intercultural competence, decision-making and conflict resolution, critical and creative thinking, capacity to empower others, project development, and social entrepreneurship. (Project Dare+ European University Students: “Development of All-Round Education”- Strategic Partnership for required competence development
  • Formation in the design, writing, and implementation of projects - opening spaces of internships and hands-on work. (Project “Dreamers and Doers”-Strategic Partnership for Project development)
  • Participation in professional networks with communities of learning and practice from all over the world. (Communities of Learning from the Tuning project from over 120 countries)
  • Recognition of non-formal learning achieved with different formats and credentials, often by more than one international instance. (Project CALOHE extension -Erasmus + Action 3)



  • Transversal line in all the projects in cooperation and interaction with disadvantaged or vulnerable groups
  • Immersion in projects of development or service in different regions of the world -The Philippines, India, Bolivia, Perú, Mexico
  • Voluntary action, particularly through educational programs and projects with people in need of specific backing and particularly of youth at risk
  • Support to educational projects with indigenous people, refugees, and first- and second-generation migrants
  • Specific actions and campaigns to bridge the digital gap- Barcelona, to protect the health of homeless youths-Chicago, to raise awareness to the situation of the undocumented-Brussels
  • Project Roots and Wings- Youth Capacity Building Project- and Volunteer Internship in the Philippines Public Schools


Intercultural Dialogue

  • International seminars with young people from diverse cultures and regions of the world- Madrid, Pune, Cochabamba.
  • International work-sharing sessions in webinars and on-line transnational groups
  • Venues to experience unity in diversity with youth from different belongings, thinking and cultures
  • Programs of development for intercultural competence
  • Project- Youth for Dialogue- Capacity Building - Europe, Asia, Africa, and America


Youth Civic Participation

  • Understanding of policy development specifically in relation to youth participation and civic engagement
  • Hands-on training in developing groups of engaged citizens, able to respect, collaborate and take part in the development of participatory, creative, and engaged societies
  • Participation in programs and experiences at different levels of governance including UN- New York
  • Project Y- ACT- Youth for Democratic Values - Capacity Building -Europe America


Care of the earth and Climate Change

  • Group participation on the UN online Seminars on climate change, elaboration of synthesis and dissemination amongst other youth groups.
  • Follow up the Roadmap of the Green Deal and hold a cloud meeting on a line of policy selected and the approaches by different countries and organizations
  • Hold an activity of simulation on the approach of the perspectives of different actors and their impact on climate change
  • All EDIW projects will have a transversal line related to the care for our planet. 


Curriculum Vitae of the Director, Dr. Julia González Ferreras