MADRID. Spain. An international project for young people from America and Europe to share democratic values and participate in their development is underway.

A group of about seventy people joined in the first seminar of the Youth for participation and democratic values project, in Los Negrales, Madrid (Spain), from February 6 to 12 this year.

This project is promoted by EDIW (Education for an interdependent world) whose mission is to empower young people, especially in the field of university education, to promote and encourage actions and projects aimed at building a more inclusive society with greater understanding in a world. multicultural and interdependent.

Young leaders
Young coordinators of the projects taking place in the countries involved, both in America and Europe, were part of this seminar. These countries are Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Belgium, Mexico, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina.

At first, each country reported on the work carried out during the first semester and presented its project.

Then, theoretical and practical activities started, addressing topics on project planning and development, information search and communication tools, to continue the work in local groups during the second semester.

Multiculturalism in action
The proposals were formulated in workshops, where participants had moments of presentation and work groups made up of members from different countries and continents. They also had training spaces through round tables and case studies.

About their shared experience, Guadalupe Vázquez and Ana Carr said: “We value work and reflection spaces with people from other cultures. The seminar gave rise to the exchange between various positions and knowledge that enriched group work and personal training. We live days where multiculturalism nurtured not only our capacities, but also the encounter with each other”.

Por: Guadalupe Vázquez y Ana Carr.