Professional Groups

A network of international communities:

  • Guided by shared objectives to develop the capacities and strengths of each member for personal and societal growth.
  • Passionate to understand the world through and with the young generations and open to cooperate with other organizations which share their vision and the belief in the power of people to transform society.
  • Able to dream, but also to analyze reality, design and implement projects as instruments to move towards these dreams counting on the richness of the diversity of cultures, professions, generations and points of view.

Existing professional learning communities cover fields of:


Education and psychology

  • Project FORTH EU- Philippines -Formation of teachers for challenged areas.
  • Project ACE EU-Latin America- Student Centered Learning and Quality HE etc.

Green Architecture

  • Project Archimedes- Southern Europe on new profiles for Architects.

International Relations, Law and Communications

  • Project Bridging the Gap- Europe Post 2020 and its collaboration in a changing world.
  • Youth- Western Sahara Project 2021

Health, Engineering, Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Projects Comparing Learning- CALOHE in relation with these fields