IWB PROJECT: Integration Without Borders

Skills Development and work with minorities and migrants. The project is designed and written by EDIW and coordinated by the University of Olomouc in the Czech Republic. Other participants are the University of Presov (Slovakia), the European Research Centre for the Study Migration in Bamberg (Germany) and the EDIW Associations: (Belgium) PRO.DO.CS (Italy), Education, Culture and Solidarity (Spain ), Caritas Sante Mare (Romania), Center for Social Initiative (Macedonia) and Statutární Mesto (Czech Republic). The proposal is to develop the competencies of volunteers and professionals working in the field of integration of people and groups that belong to minority groups and try to lead them to higher performance. It brings together universities, research centers, associations working in this area, and administrative centers (Policy makers). The proposal lists 10 outcomes and a plan for intensive work. EDIW takes care of the competency development part of the plan and advisement to prepare curriculum development for a Master on the subject. This area of migration is highly relevant at this time in the world.

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