Lines of action

EDIW supports the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and will continue to work and advocate the promotion and defense of human rights, especially for the marginalized members of our society and the care of the planet through these lines of action.

Youth Employment

  • Mentorship for students entering university or vocational training or entry to employment.
  • Competency development: teamwork and leadership; capacity to work in intercultural and interdisciplinary contexts, decision-making and conflict resolution, critical and creative thinking, and the capacity to empower others, project development and social entrepreneurship. 
  • Formation in the design, writing and implementation of projects - internships and hands-on training
  • Participation in international professional networks .
  • Recognition of non-formal learning with issuing of certificates.

Project Dare+ Strategic Partnership in HE- Europe


  • Transversal line in all the projects in cooperation and interaction with disadvantaged or vulnerable groups.
  • Immersion in projects of development or service in different regions of the world.
  • Voluntary action, particularly through educational programs and projects with marginalized groups: homeless youth, refugees, undocumented people and first and second-generation migrants.
  • Campaign and actions to bridge the digital gap.

Project -Integration without borders- Strategic Partnership in HE- Europe

Intercultural Dialogue

  • International seminars with young people from diverse cultures and regions of the world.
  • International work sharing sessions in webinars and on-line transnational groups.
  • Venues to experience unity in diversity with youth from different belongings, thinking and cultures.
  • Programs of development for intercultural competence

Project- Youth for Dialogue- Capacity Building - Europe, Asia, Africa and America

Youth Civic Participation

  • Understanding of policy development specifically in relation to youth participation and civic engagement.
  • Hands on training in developing groups of engaged citizens in building collaborative societies.
  • Participation in programs and experiences at different levels of governance including UN- New York and Geneva.

Project Y- ACT- Youth for Democratic Values - Capacity Building -Europe America

Care of the earth and Climate Change

  • Group participation on the UN online Seminars on climate change, elaboration of synthesis and dissemination amongst other youth groups.
  • Follow up the Roadmap of the Green Deal and hold a cloud meeting on a line of policy selected and the approaches by different countries and organizations.
  • Hold an activity of simulation on the approach of the perspectives of different actors and their impact on climate change. Model UN.