To develop international projects, programmes and experiences of formal and non-formal education as steps to grow into compassionate, informed and participatory global citizens, respectful, creative and responsible for this world.


At EDIW we believe that:

  • Education is a strong power to transform persons and societies.
  • Societies need to grow both in rights and in joint responsibilities.
  • Humanity is interconnected and interrelated but it needs to build interdependent, collaborative and life-giving relationships.
  • Shared vision and commitment of young generations are essential in building both the present and the future.


  • Integrity in one´s commitment to the promotion of human dignity and to democratic and ethical values.
  • Collaboration, empowerment of others and openness to learn.
  • Inclusive and intercultural attitudes/approach
  • Critical and creative spirit.

We are a European NGO


Following a concrete action plan to implement the European Youth Policy Lines

  • Connect: Linking youth groups through mobility, encounters and international seminars as well as online webinars and debates.
  • Empower: Young people through effective development of a set of selected competences: Digital, Green, Intercultural, Democratic participation, project development and entrepreneurship.
  • Engage: In sharing the European Project through development of European  values, participation in the European Agora as well as a proven commitment and effort to work for higher levels of inclusion in our societies.