Youth ACT: a new semester for making decisiones

The third semester of the Youth ACT project began this September 2020, in the countries where there are groups of young people working on it: Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Spain, France, Italy , Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Dominican Republic and USA.

The starting point was the presentation of the plan for the semester. For this, online meetings were held with the Youth Coordinators and Leaders of each country, in which, in addition to knowing in a general way the status of the groups and their members, they were invited to do an exercise of personal reflection on what they had learned / lived up to now, as well as expectations for the next semester.

Subsequently, conceptual reference frameworks were suggested for this semester’s topic – Decision making; Likewise, the importance of identifying and enhancing the skills and attitudes necessary to make decisions successfully was highlighted, urging young people to study a real case and eventually also prepare a dissemination plan. Also part of the agenda of these first meetings was to raise awareness about the need to determine with which minority group they would like to work in the fourth semester, as well as to carry out their self-assessment at the end of the current semester, to determine what their learning would be at the end of this period. Those self-evaluations will be contrasted with their peers and tutors.

At present, the local youth groups are in the respective meetings to work on the aforementioned issue. They are also documenting their construction and collective decision-making processes in the Slack tool, which is the ideal space to exchange opinions, resources, concerns and other types of support material.

In the following link you can listen to an advertising spot from one of the Youth ACT groups in America, as a measure to prevent anxiety during this time of confinement due to Covid-19:

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